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Bonded Warehouse Manchester – The Old Granada Studios

The roofs/gutters where aged and the felt was peeling off with blisters causing water ingress into the building.
The job entailed the refurbishment of the old felted gutters and lift shaft roofs (450m2) using SIKALASTIC 625 waterproofing system.

The client was looking for a cost effective solution to the problem and we proposed using SIKALASTIC 625 waterproofing system which can be applied to the existing roof substrate without the need of stripping off the old material.
This gives a double saving both via time saved on site and the cost of disposing of the existing waterproofing, normally to landfill.

The system is a cold applied moisture triggered Polyurethane membrane. It cures to form a seamless durable waterproof coat with the added benefit of a fibre glass matting embedded in the system to provide film strength,
it can be laid on most substrates including asphalt, concrete, timber, asbestos sheets.

SIKALASTIC 625 guaranteed for 10, 15, and 20 years depending on the system used.
Garry has a quality assured card which allows Alco Roofing to use the SIKA waterproofing system.

If you have a similar roofing issue just call Garry on 07950 391207 or email us for information on how Alco Roofing can help.

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