Roofing Services

Domestic/Commercial Roofing

We will undertake all roofing jobs from small domestic repairs to large commercial contracts.

Roof Repairs

We undertake all manner of roof repairs including slipped slates, broken tiles, missing ridge tiles, leaking flat roofs and any other repair you could mention.

Insurance work

We have lots of experience dealing with insurance work and know what is required to make a successful claim, we can help guide you through the roofing aspect of your claim and give you what you need to make your claim easier.
Part of our service is to provide you with a full written quote and photos at no extra cost to make sure your claim is successful.

Tiled Roofs

Alco Roofing can fit a wide range of concrete tiles. There are many styles to choose from, but we can advise you on the best choice for your particular project and the budget available.
We specialise in Sandtoft Cassius Clay Tiles and the Sandtoft 20/20 range.

Landlords/Rental Agent

We work closely with private landlords and letting agencies with regard to the roofing maintenance and repair of their property portfolios throughout the North West.

Strip and Re-slates

We will carefully remove your existing slates putting them aside for re-use, then we will install a good quality breathable membrain with new treated battens secured with galvanised nails.
The exising slates are then nailed back on with 40mm galvanised clout nails, any slates that have been broken will be replaced with slates of the same quarry and appearance – no cheap imports are ever used as this spoils the appearance of the finished roof.

Cut Edge Corrosion

Cut Edge corrosion occurs when the ends of metal cladding begin to delaminate and cause serious product decay. If this problem is not addressed quickly it can eat into the metal sheeting causing possible leaks into the building.
We can remedy this corrosion process with our unique 3 coat waterproofing system that is insurance backed with warranties.

Ashphalt/Lead Refurbishment

Is your ashphalt roof or lead bay leaking?

No need to worry we have the perfect solution, with our 3 coat waterproof system that fully encapsulates the substrate.
Key benefits:
No need to take off the existing roof/lead
Permanently elastometric
Joint free, no seams
Fibre reinforced for maximum strength
UV stable
Excellent for ponding water

Our refurbishment work is guaranteed up to 25 years.

Dry Verge / Ridge Systems

Dry Ridge refers to a method of mechanically fixing ridge tiles or hip ridge tiles without the use of traditional sand and cement mortor.
This makes the roof maintenance free.

We also recommend and install GRP ‘Shark Finn’ valley systems which are also mortar free and a wide range of dry verge systems.

UPVS facias Soffits and Guttering

Soffits and Fascias can become worn out and tired over time, which means you need to replace them. We can install new UPVS facias and soffits which then require very little maintenance, no more painting just a wipe down with a damp cloth once in a while.

Felt Roofing

Bitumus membrains are probably the most common form of roof covering material for domestic flat roofs. Alco roofing only use high performance felts which comply withn the requirements of BS-EN13707.
We install the felt in multy layers reducing the risk of failure, then we can install a cap mineral layer or paint on a UV stable coat.

All new roofs are guaranteed for 5 years.

Stone Roofing

Our dedicated team can renew or repair your existing stone roof. Random stonework is highly specialised and considered a trade in its own right.

EPDM Rubber Roofing

EPDM has been proven over 50 years to be one of the most effective types of roofing protection.
It is cost effective and lasts for many years, easily fitted to all types of flat roofs including garages, extensions, porches and dormers.
We are registered EPDM Rubber Roofing installers and all our new roofs are guranteed for a minimum of 25years.

Roof Reports and Surveys

We will carry out an independant survey /inspection backed up with photograohic evidence of any problems that need attention and costings to put right.

Roof Windows Installed

Installation of all manner of roof windows from conservation to electric and solar powered.

Lead Work

We renew all types of lead associated with roofing including flashing, sonkers valleysare also specialised in lead substitutes, Coraflex and Ubiflex.

Chimney work

We offer a range of works from repointing, water sealing, venting to total demolition and slating over.

Liquid Waterproofing System

The system provides a cold liquid applied breathable seamless finish which moves with the roof. Can be applied on numerous substrates including lead ashphalt bitumen felt is guaranteed up to 25 years.